Airbnb Explorers is an extension of the Airbnb app, where people can share their trips, invite friends, find recommendations and win prizes. This Jam was done over the duration of 50 hours.
Challenge Brief
Empower families and groups of friends who travel together! This is a collaborative way for users to document, organize, and share their travel experiences and get away plans to the larger Airbnb community. In this mobile app, we provide a way to combine photos and/or notes to build shared family trips into immersive stories about the cultures in the destinations they visit.
Austin Day: UX/UI Design, Wireframing and Prototyping.
Cristina Rendon: Art Direction and Wireframing.
Uchenna Obi Gregory: UX/UI and Wireframing.
Tool Set
The Process​​​​​​​
The process to build this application started by defining three types of users/personas:

The college student/students who want to discover the world with his or her friends on a low budget.

The parent who wants to create a pleasant experience for his whole family and needs to ensure Airbnb will provide him comfort and overall security.

An adventurous senior who likes to stay in touch with her loved ones and wants to invite other seniors to enjoy themselves too. 
First, we identified their motivations and pain points as well as the situations and outcomes that they emotionally and psychologically respond to, both negative and positive.

We then explored existing apps for inspiration that we felt were good at sharing stories, experiences and imagery. Facebook and Instagram were the two we took most inspiration from. We wanted to follow Airbnb's app as well to be cohesive with the brand.
User Flows
Things we wanted to consider with our users:

○ Airbnb target audience is everyone.
○ Making it readable for all ages.
○ Do everything we can to reduce memory load for the users.
○ Making sure the app was collaborative. 
○ Users are able to share experiences from past or current trips.
○ To make the app have gamified. 
Art Direction

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