Hi, my name is Austin Day.
I have created ” The Invisible Project.” It is a collection of photographs of people who are currently living with anxiety and or depression. 
My own personal experiences inspired me to start this project. Close to 4 years ago I was diagnosed with type 2 Diabetes. I was very ill and spent a few days in the hospital. It was a life altering experience that flipped my whole world upside down.
Fast forwarding a year after my diagnosis I started experiencing a lot of anxiety and panic attacks. I was also experiencing burnout from my diabetes. Due to my anxiety, I was unable to cope at my job. I hibernated in my home for a long time. Though my mental state has improved immensely and my diabetes is well under control, I still worry about my health and well being all the time.
My goals for this project is to bring awareness to mental health. I want to provide people with an opportunity to use their voice to share their stories with others. I am calling it "The Invisible Project" because quite often mental illness is not recognizable on the outside and walk by people everyday not knowing they are struggling with something. I will use photography as a tool to show people how the world perceives them compared to how they see themselves. Everyone has their own unique beauty and I’m here to showcase that.

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